Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Sound of Music

Some of my earliest memories include music. I remember hanging out with my aunt Niecy in her room listening to 45s. I used to be so excited when she let me switch albums on the record player. One of our favorite songs to belt was "Want Ads" by Honey Cone. Even though the 1970 song came out before I was born in 1976, I knew all the words...and still remember most of them. 

Music was an integral part of my life, and still is. My uncles blasted it as they washed their cars. It was played at cookouts and family functions. My dad's family always sings when they're together. 

I sing every chance I get. Deuce is also a songbird. I'm sure my Husband loves every minute of our daily serenades. I sing Christmas songs year round because who doesn't love a good Christmas song?!? 

Sometimes though, I want the music to stop. Well not stop, but the lyrics aren't always beneficial. I know a lot of gospel songs. Although I love the melodies, I don't quite subscribe to the messages. Same with rap music. I find myself singing songs about drugs because I look the hot beat. 

Music comes to my mind based on my mood. If I'm sad, I can think of songs that support that feeling. But, when I find the pity party becoming too much, I redirect to a more upbeat, positive song. 

In addition to singing other people's music, I make up my own lyrics. So, when the lyrics of a song I'm singing don't meet my needs, I switch them up so they do. 

I'm a freestyler by nature. Or maybe that's my way to rebel since I'm a rule follower. I don't stick to recipes, rules of the road or song lyrics. I just sinnnngggg sing a song!

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