Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Live Now or Evil Won

I'm wearing a shirt that says "live in the now". When I looked at it in the mirror while washing my hands, I saw "evil ni eht won", which obviously couldn't be the title of this blog. *Coincidentally our car has 104401 miles on it.* 

Living in the now means to be present with what is going on around you. To be talking to someone and being engaged in that, not wondering what's happening on Facebook. To sit at a stoplight and not curse it for taking too long. 

What happens when you don't do that? When you wish you are doing something else? Talking to someone else? Physically somewhere else?

You make yourself anxious. You are discontent. You are anything but peaceful. And it reflects in the world around you.

It may seem that the world is conspiring against you.  You get caught by every red light or train. The line you enter in the grocery store has the slowest cashier and most demanding customer. The bank closes just minutes before you had a chance to withdraw the rent money. 

Life isn't conspiring against you. Life is teaching you to work with what's happening right, not against it. If you choose not to live now, then you'll find that evil won. 

Breathe. Be fluid like water. Learn the lesson of the moment and the "evilness" of it will disappear. Take a moment to smell the roses. Look at the nature around you. Notice how your heart rate decreases as you focus and how much more peace you feel. Live in the now because the later is not promised. 

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