Friday, March 27, 2015

iSpy With My Little Eye...Someone Awesome

Periodically on Facebook I see people "cleaning house," deleting people with whom they don't regularly interact. I've done this before myself. My thoughts were, if you don't talk to me or post on your page, then what's the point of having you on my page?

How dumb was that? First, not everyone has the luxury to be on social media like I do. I work from home, don't participate in extracurricular activities, and pretty much waste the days away seeing who is doing and saying what. 

Second, it's quite haughty to assume that everything I say is worthy of all my 700+ "friends" to comment on or like. I don't even know that my posts show on each person's newsfeed. 

Lastly, as was reconfirmed today, just because people aren't commenting doesn't mean they aren't looking. I had the pleasure of catching up with one of my many honorary aunts. She told me that she loves reading my posts but doesn't comment. 

She's been watching me since I was about 6 and is happy to see my growth. We talked about a conversation we had a while ago where she told me that the person that I want to be is the one that I already am. I was always the woman that I am now, but I was just trying to please everybody else.

Over time, I've tried to be more conscious of what I post, how I brand myself. I have people watching me, some of them looking to me to set a positive example. Some of them taking pleasure in watching my mind and life transform. Maybe even some watching and waiting for the bricks to fall. I hope whoever's watching for whatever reason is enjoying this ride as much as I. 

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