Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Once Was Blind

Most times, I start writing a blog in my mind before typing it here. I come up with a topic, create a title and then write. Then I search the web for a picture that fits. This particular blog, I Once Was Blind, was initially was to be named Third Eye Blind, since the topic is about the pineal gland which is also called the Third Eye. 3rd Bass has a song (or album or both?) called Third Eye Blind. Many of my blog titles come from musical references. 

Anyway, after starting the mental portion of the blog, I came into contact with an autistic teenager. I said excuse me since she was sitting in front of my locker. Her caregiver told me that she would only move if the caregiver moved her. She then explained that the 17 year old is non-verbal, autistic, epileptic and a bunch of other things. 

I told the woman, let's call her Jane, that Jill (fake name) probably hears, sees and communicates more than we'll ever know. Jane said that Jill only looks people in the eyes and doesn't pay attention to the other features or register who the person is. I told Jane that she's looking behind the mask and seeing the person's soul. I told her that I've read that autistic people are extremely alert and often brilliant but since they don't function as a "normal" person, we miss out on that. I also said that eye doctors look in our eyes with flashlights because that is the only way to see inside of us without surgery. I ended by telling Jane that Jill is teaching her a lot and that she should learn from that. 

Jane said that over the 8 years she's had Jill, she has planted a lot. I hope one of those lessons eventually becomes that Jane will stop treating Jill as a walking billboard of ailments. 

So, if you're wondering how this relates to the blog process, Life gives us interactions that confirm some of our thoughts. I was thinking about the pineal gland and encounter a young lady who is probably using her Third Eye constantly and those around her are unaware.

The pineal gland is one of the many mysteries of our bodies. Scientists at first didn't think it served a function, but they didn't know that the gland functions differently based on the amount of melanin in the being. Their initial studies were done in white people who, because of their pale skin, have low levels of melanin. It was not until they studied the gland in black people that they realized the gland actually serves a purpose. 

Melanin helps keep the gland from calcifying (thus allowing it to function properly). All living things contain melanin. However, just as Tupac says, "The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice," the darker the skin, the higher the amount of melanin. 

Although melanin helps decalcify the pineal gland, other lifestyle changes can aid in the process. A few of these are sun gazing, meditation and a healthy diet. 

An important change one can make is to decrease exposure to fluoride. This can be a daunting task since it's so prevalent in our everyday lives. We drink it in processed water, brush our teeth with fluoridated paste and ingest it in our foods. Fluoride, as can be found in even governmental documents, is a very dangerous chemical for humans and nature. 

A decalcified pineal gland is linked to clearer and more creative thinking, increased awareness and even being able to better see through lies. This is why it's called the Third Eye. When it's decalcified and one can "see," the Third Eye is open and no longer blind. 

It's an interesting thing to research. People who've had Third Eye experiences have very interesting tales to tell. I've not had any far out happenings but have been noticing more "coincidences," the the one with Jill and Jane. Perhaps the proverbial caul (veil) is falling off my Eye. 

Editorial note:  after looking online, 3rd Bass apparently had nothing to do with a song or album call Third Eye Blind. I don't know why/how I associate that phrase with 90s rap. Somebody research it for me. 

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