Friday, March 20, 2015

Just My Imagination

They say that people become less imaginative as they get older (or did I make that up?). I've been recently thinking about imagination and how, if left unchecked, it will have you "looking over your shoulder and peeking 'round corners."

Whereas kids have "innocent," creative imaginations, we adults tend to use our imagination based on our experiences (more of my making up fake facts?). I can't sit down and draw something creative, but I can sure sit down and draw some false conclusions about people's intentions or what they or I should/shouldn't be doing. 

In becoming increasingly self-aware, I'm better able to catch myself making up lies and false assumptions (still gotta work on making up statistics!). Life is creative enough without my coloring things in jade (being jaded). It only adds more stress to myself and those around me when I do that. 

So what if things didn't go the way I planned. Or if someone didn't do something I thought they should have. Or if I ran out of mayo and wanted to make some potato salad. 

Did I die? Did it REALLY have a drastic impact on my life? Was irreparable harm done? Is it REALLY as bad as I'm making it out to be. The answer is always (at least to date) NO!

Life is an ongoing lesson in flexibility. More often than not, you're going to run into situations and people that cause you mental discomfort. Shake if off and keep on moving toward your goal. 

My goal is peace. And I look for it whenever and wherever I can. It's usually found at the end of a deep breath or a hearty laugh, often at something goofy that I did. 

A pebble in the ocean doesn't stop the water's flow. The water just gives it a cursory glance (if water was a person) and keeps on moving. Like Bruce Lee said, "Water can flow or it can crash." I like my waters calm!

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