Sunday, March 29, 2015

Paid In Full

I came across a girl from NY in one of my Facebook hair groups last year. She asked a question about budgeting money and you know I jumped right in! 

The thread got deleted so we started inboxing each other. It was hard to help her via fb so we started calling and texting. She was in DEEEEPPPPP debt. She owed her landlord about $5000 in back rent, still had to pay monthly rent to the same landlord, food, etc.  I created her one of my handy dandy spreadsheets and told her that if she stuck to it she could dig her way out. 

She'd been dealing with depression for quite some time and I told her that getting her financial house in order would make a difference in her life. Over the months, we kept in touch via fb. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, people tell me their life stories. I was able to encourage her to accept all of her past, the things that have been done to her and move forward so that she can be empowered to make sure her future outshines her past. 

She had her moments in the beginning with trusting the spreadsheet, but it became easier.  When she saw it begin to work for her, she would thank me and express her gratitude. 

Today, she reported that she has paid off the back rent. It brought a tear to my eye that a stranger on the other side of the country took something I taught her and has experienced a positive change in her life. 

Whatever it is you're passionate about, keep doing it. Keep teaching others what you learn. Keep helping others grow. You will see the fruit of your labors in the right season. 

Thank you A. C. for trusting me. For trusting the process. For trusting yourself to create a better life for yourself. 

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